Tasks list

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The list of scheduled tasks shows the Task name, Last Run, Next Run, Last Result, Server name (if you are using a web farm) and number of task Executions. On the left of each tasks are three action buttons, one for editing (Edit), one for deleting (Delete) and one for immediately executing (Run) the scheduled tasks.


Select Site – Allows users to choose the appropriate site
Restart Timer – Current timer thread is stopped and run again, works only if some automatic task is running
Run ASAP – Immediately executes all tasks that are ready to be executed
New Task (NewTask) – Allows users to create new tasks
Refresh (Synchronize) – Refreshes the list of tasks


More resources can be found at Developer's Guide -> Development -> Scheduler -> Overview.


Page url: http://devnet.kentico.com/docs/5_5r2/contexthelp/index.html?tasks_list.htm